What time is registration on the first day of camp?

Boarding campers will register from 2:00PM to 5:00 PM.  Day Campers are encouraged to register from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM on the first day of the camp in the Dean E. Smith Center.

 What are the directions to the Smith Center?

Take I-85 South to Durham, NC. Exit left at US 15-501 in Durham and follow 15-501 approximately 9 miles to Chapel Hill. Once in Chapel Hill, maintain US 15-501 Bypass (Fordham Boulevard). At around the 7th stoplight, turn right onto Manning Drive. The Smith Center is one-half mile on the left on Skipper Bowles Drive.

Take I-85 North towards Durham. Exit just past Burlington onto NC 54 East (Exit #148, Chapel Hill Exit). Follow NC 54 for approximately 20 miles to Carrboro. Pass Carrboro Plaza on the right and stay on NC 54 for about 4 miles to the next stoplight, Manning Drive. Turn left on Manning Drive. The Smith Center is one-half mile on the left on Skipper Bowles Drive.

Take I-40 West toward Chapel Hill. Exit at NC 54 West (Exit #273 B) and follow for approximately 4 miles. Once in Chapel Hill, continue to follow signs for NC 54 West, which means you will have to exit right under first overpass. At the top of the exit turn right at light. Follow NC 54 West/15-501South until the 2nd stoplight. Turn right onto Manning Drive. The Smith Center is one-half mile on the left on Skipper Bowles Drive.

Take US 15-50 North toward Chapel Hill. Exit right onto US 15-501 Bypass in Chapel Hill. Turn left at first stoplight onto Manning Drive. The Smith Center is one-half mile on the left on Skipper Bowles Drive.

 Do you provide airport travel service?

We do not provide shuttle service from or to the airport. We do recommend a private shuttle service for those campers flying in to RDU. Parents can make arrangements with LTD (800-432-8008). Reservations should be made at least a week in advance.

 Security and the ratio of camp coach / counselor to camper?

The ratio is 9:1 for camper to coach/counselor. Anytime campers are playing basketball, they are with coaches; any other time, they are supervised by counselors. There will be both coaches and counselors on each hallway of the dormitory. Each room can be locked from the inside and also has a lock to the bathroom door on each side of the suite. For security purposes, campers should keep both locked at all times to keep unwanted campers out of their room. The outside doors of Granville do lock at midnight. Security guards are on the premises of Granville Towers. The counselors will check rooms for campers prior to lights-out and will knock on the door for a wake-up call. The counselors will also be available to help campers get to the cafeteria and to the bus at the appropriate times.

 Can my son request a roommate or suitemate?

Yes, a roommate or suite-mate can be requested. We will try to honor all requests; however, since assignments are based on all campers requests, there is no guaranteed assignments. For example, the roommate you request must also request you (or have no request for a roommate). Also, if your roommate is on the wait list, this does not give them special acceptance to camp. Please enter the requests on the registration application. Some campers request a 3-man room. We have a limited number of these so we assign them in first-come-first-serve order. If they don’t get the request, we will do our best to put the campers in the same suite. Being roommate/suitemate does not mean they will be on the same team. Roommate / Suitemate preferences will not be changed within three weeks of camp.

 What is a typical day of camp?

Campers wake up/eat breakfast between 8:00 AM-8:30 AM. They are bused to their gyms for morning instruction (fundamentals). They come back to the dorms for lunch and have about an hour of free time. They are bused back to the Smith Center for the afternoon clinic, where one of our coaches or former players will talk about offensive/defensive philosophies and touch on the finer points of basketball. Campers will return to Granville around 5:00 PM for dinner. They are bused out to their gyms for games. Campers will return to Granville between 8:30 PM-11:00 PM (depending on the age - younger campers return earlier; older campers return later). Campers will have free time and then lights out beginning at 10:30 PM.

 How does the day camper's schedule differ from the boarding camper?

The day camper follows the same schedule including registration. The camper will need to be dropped off at Granville 15 minutes before the scheduled departure to gyms in the morning (between 7:45 AM-9:00 AM, depending on age). The camper can be picked up from Granville at night between 8:25 PM-9:50 PM (the time will depend on what group your son is in). You will receive a more detailed schedule at registration. Remember, day campers do not receive BREAKFAST. Parents can watch camp at anytime. Directions to the gym will be available at registration and in the camp office.

 How are campers divided into teams?

The first night, campers are divided into age groups. From there they are placed onto teams with about 8-10 campers. They will play with campers their own age. Each team has a coach.

If a camper plays above the level of his age group, he will be moved up to an older group. CAMP COACHES, NOT PARENTS, WILL MAKE THIS DECISION.

 Does my son need spending money?

Campers receive 3 meals per day from the cafeteria in Granville Towers. Campers can bring extra spending money - there is a camp store with Carolina Basketball souvenirs in Granville. Also, pizzas are sold in Granville at night. A camp convenient store is in the basement of Granville Towers South.  The camp is not responsible for lost or stolen money.

 What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel up to one month in advance to get a refund (less the $100 administrative fee) unless the cancellation is due to an injury. If injured, the camper must present a doctor’s note to receive a refund less the administrative fee. Please e-mail roywilliamscamp@gmail.com to have your son removed from the summer camp.

 What items should my son bring to camp?

This is the list of items we suggest:
*Athletic Socks (AT LEAST a 5 day supply), Gym Shorts (5 day supply), Underwear, Gym Shirt/T-shirts (5 day supply), Basketball Shoes, Pillow, Extra-Long twin-bed sheets, Mattress Cover (optional), Blanket, Towels, Toiletries (including hand soap), Alarm Clock.

**Two t-shirts and one pair of shorts will be provided at registration (adult sizes only). You may bring cell phones, video games, ect. for your room; however, the camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

***Please note:  Granville Towers no longer has a swimming pool on the premises; therefore, swimming is not an option during free time.

 I haven't received my son's camp photograph taken with Coach Williams. Who should I contact?

Each camper will have his photo taken with Coach Williams during the camp session.  A digital proof will be available for download at no charge at https://carolinacampphotos.weebly.com/.  This gives parents the opportunity to duplicate the photograph without an extra fee.  If needed, extra prints will be available for purchase.  Parents can locate the photo by searching by last name or browse by camp date and group/team name.  Parents should contact TALP through their website for any problems in locating the photograph or inquiries in purchasing extra photographs. THE PHOTOS WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR 6 MONTHS AFTER THE END OF CAMP

 What is your Tax ID Number for our tax filing purposes?


 Are Scholarships available to your camp?

Due to NCAA Compliance Rules and Regulations, we are unable to offer scholarships to campers. However, North Carolina’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives sponsors 27 deserving young men from North Carolina. Information and the application can be found HERE or by phone  919-875-3081. Touchstone Energy judges applicants on their academics, extra-curricular activities and an essay that must accompany the application.

 Is it possible switch my son to a different session of camp?

Please e-mail roywilliamscamp@gmail.com with the change that needs to be made. There is an administrative change fee which will be charged to the credit card used during registration.

 My son has special diet needs/allergies. Will he be able to eat in the cafeteria?

The Agora Cafeteria does cater to special diet needs. We encourage you to contact their management directly to discuss food options: 919-370-4500