Day Campers have the exact same schedule as Boarding Campers except sleeping in the dorm and eating breakfast. *Please note: Granville Towers no longer has a swimming pool on the premises.  
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM at the Smith Center - it is set up as an assembly line with different tables of information:
  1. Check-in by giving the camper's name ... also find out his assigned section.
  2. Section/Group - the camper will receive a slip of paper with his section information and the time he is to meet his group in front of Granville Towers for the 1st night of camp.
  3. Medical Station - for any medical/medication concerns.
  4. Day Camper table - day campers will receive an information packet detailed for day campers.  *The drop-off/pick-up times will be found in this packet.
  5. T-Shirt/Shorts table - the camper will receive two t-shirts and one pair of shorts. Adult sizes only.
If you plan to observe any part of camp and need directions to the gym, we will have a table designated for maps at the end of the assembly line. Maps will also be available in the camp office located on the 2nd floor of Granville West.
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM; served in the cafeteria of Granville West - CAMPERS ONLY (DAY & BOARDING); no parents allowed in the cafeteria.
The campers (day and boarding) will be bused to the various gyms starting tonight. Campers should meet their coach and teammates at the front entrance of Granville Towers West - name-tags will be handed out at this time. The meeting time will be on the slip of paper obtained at table 2 of the registration line.
Day Campers must check-in at the day camper table located in the lobby of Granville Towers South. This is one of our many "head counts" during each day. PLEASE let the camp office know if you decide to take your son directly to his gym. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the time listed for your group on the bus schedule.

One day is designated as picture day (this day will be listed in the information packet you receive at the day camper registration table). You will need to arrive 20 minutes before the time listed on the bus schedule.

Parents are allowed to attend all daily sessions of the camp. If you decide to have your son leave with you instead of riding the bus back to Granville, please advise the gym head before leaving the gym. This is another time we have a head count of all campers.

Day campers will need to check-in at the cafeteria for lunch and dinner (dinner only on the 1st day of camp). Again, this is another head count of campers.  If you decide to pick your son up during lunch/dinner, please check-out in the camp office on the 2nd floor of Granville Towers South.

*Drop-off and Pick-up times will be found in the registration packet you receive the first day of camp. The times are based on the assigned group (groups are assigned by age/grade). We will not assign groups until the week prior to camp.

**Please coordinate with your son where he should meet you when his bus arrives at Granville Towers at the end of the day.